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11 Adventures You’ll Want to Have with Your Dog This Summer

July 03, 2017

11 Adventures You’ll Want to Have with Your Dog This Summer

You can do so much more than just take your dog out for another walk this summer. Embrace a true #FureverAdventure that you and your best friend deserve, like the ones listed below. (And when you do, we encourage you to share your story with us!)


  1. Dog-Friendly Beach

    Not all public beaches are dog-friendly, but if your local beach allows, you might want to bring your pal for a little play, and some rest and relaxation. They’ll love splashing in the water and running along the sand. Bring their favorite toy and a cool treat, and this may be one of your best trips together yet!
  2. Dog Days at the Stadium

    Baseball is often called the nation’s favorite pastime, but who knew it could be the favorite pup-time too? Some major and minor league ballparks host special “dog days” at the park, with photo shoots, treats, and more that guarantee you and your pup have a great time.

  3. Doggy Treats

    Each and every #FureverAdventure on this list is a treat, but one of the best adventures you and your dog can enjoy is a simple trip to the local pet store to grab a treat! They’ll love the payoff, and who knows – maybe they’ll make a new friend along the way!

  4. Make a Pet Painting

    Did you know that your furry friend has an artistic side? Bring out their inner paw-casso with some paper, pet-safe paints, and a helping hand! The best part: you’ll have a piece of art that they made that can last a lifetime!

  5. Attend an Outdoor Festival

    With the warm summer weather comes a whole bunch of outdoor events in almost every town across the United States. Check to see which ones will be near you – you’ll be surprised at how many are dog-friendly and feature locally made dog toys, treats, and apparel!

  6. Sprinkler Water Park

    Dogs love splishing and splashing in water so much, it’s surprising they don’t have their own actual water park! But don’t let that stop you. All it takes to build your dog their own water park is a few sprinklers, tarps, and toys!

  7. Attend a Training Class

    This adventure isn’t the most obvious but when you think about it, learning IS an adventure! Take a moment to help each other learn how to do perform a new trick, or get rid of a nasty habit that might stop you from going on a more extreme #FureverAdventure.
  8. Bike Around Town

    Sure, a walk with your dog is still an adventure, but what if you could help your furry friend feel the wind in their fur without having to run? Grab a child-safe bike trailer, and give your dog a ride around town! (This one is especially great for dogs in their older years.)

  9. Visit the Pet Spa

    Treat yourselves! If you’re tired of all the #FureverAdventures bringing you and your dog pal out in the hot summer sun, why not take a moment to be pampered at the spa? A fresh bath and fur cut could be great for your energy levels – and their looks and health!

  10. Take Your Pup to Work Day

    Friday, June 23 is the official Take Your Dog to Work Day, but don’t let that one day limit stop you. Many workplaces are becoming more and more dog-friendly, so check in with yours and see if you can bring your friend in to make some new friends, and get plenty of belly rubs.

  11. Find a New Dog Park

    Dog parks are great new places for your dog to meet and make new friends. Check your local pet organizations and groups to see if there are any near you that you haven’t explored, and go on a little road trip! You never know who you’ll meet. It could be the pawfect adventure!


Have another great #FureverAdventure idea that we might have missed?

Let us know! When you get together with other pet lovers and share your stories and ideas, we all benefit!

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