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Our Story



Hi and thank you so much for visiting my site.

I have more than one love in my life.

As a designer for most of my professional life, I have always loved creating designs that are both functional and beautiful. Nature and organic shapes are often my inspiration for bringing simple beauty into people’s everyday lives. Another love began when I was an 8-year old little girl, when my parents brought home a puppy named Sugar. Although I had wished for a big, white, fluffy Samoyed, Sugar was a little runt of indeterminable origin; he was our funny, beloved family dog for the next 19 years. I still love and miss him daily.

I went a long time without another pet, but for the past 8 years, my beautiful Briard, Dolce, has made my life fuller. I consider her a family member and she is my constant companion, guardian and friend. The relationship I have with her is the inspiration for these designs and for creating this business. Each piece is infused with the love that I have for my pet, designed to evoke joy and memories.

I initially designed these pieces, as something I would enjoy wearing for any occasion and that would keep Dolce near me at all time. I hope that they bring you happiness and comfort by keeping your beloved pet close and that you are proud to wear and show them off wherever you go!